A Global Women’s Education Retreat: Leading with Impact Summer 2014


What’s new in educating the next generation of family members?

The inauguration of Leading with Impact, a private education retreat for women only, brought together a niche group of ambitious women from significant and influential global families to enjoy an intensive seven-day curriculum.

The accommodated retreat, organised by family business, Zovighian & Partners, was described as an “exclusive intimate learning and development experience” and took place from August 7 to 13, 2014 in the private Birch Grove Estate in West Sussex. The curriculum, developed on a bespoke basis for the attending club members, focused on family business executive leadership, personal governance, innovative philanthropy and social leadership. Twenty top-tier global speakers, experts and executive coaches from around the world came to Birch Grove to offer 28 targeted sessions, developed on a proprietary basis for the club members.

Sessions included a combination of seminars, group coaching and working sessions, private club member breakout sessions, and multiple one-on-one coaching sessions.

Session titles included:

Creating power:

• How to become a well-respected decision-maker.

• Inspiring wellness for success.

• Driving family governance as women leaders.

• Kick-starting a philanthropic desire.

• Elements of creating a positive first impression.

Between sessions, the women enjoyed private luncheons and fine dining dinners with guests of honour, as well as pleasant outdoor excursions such as fishing and clay pigeon shooting.

Lynn Zovighian, Managing Director and Hosting Club Member explained, “The aim was to create a nexus of wealth married with the power of knowledge, and deliver impact at the highest standards of excellence and magnitude. To make this happen required the creation of a protected and very private environment for learning and inspiration.”

The exclusive retreat was organised and hosted on a not-for-profit basis.