SFO reception, 2 July 2014

A reception was held for single family offices at the Oriental Club, Stratford House, Mayfair, for 35 families. Director of the Family Office Council, Keith Johnston, spoke to the audience explaining the benefits of membership and the quality of the peer exchange and networking. Johnston explained: “We have created a network of single family offices where the agenda is set by single family offices themselves, not someone trying to sell you something. The benefits of membership are focused on peer exchange, including professional networking with single family offices and a Forum of regular meetings to exchange information with other single family office Executives.”

Recruitment and retention roundtable, 23 September

A single family office kindly hosted a roundtable for SFOs on next gen issues at the Buck’s Club, London. Twelve single family offices and an external expert, Ken McKraken from Withers Consulting, debated how best to transition between the generations and avoiding “affluenza”. A full white paper will follow.

African Investment Forum, 9 October

A single family office will chair the first Family Office African Investment Forum on 9 October at the Lansdowne Club, Mayfair. Participants will hear from other families about their African investment experiences and Local insights.


Winter Summer Reception, 27 November
FOC will move to the deco elegance of the Lansdowne Club for Winter networking on 27 November and official invitations will follow for SFOs in the network.


The Family Office Council is a membership group for single family offices with leadership and agenda set by single family offices. The criteria for membership is strictly applied and only single family offices and private (i.e. non-asset gathering) multi family offices are entitled to join. Membership and event enquiries should be directed to Family Office Council Director, Keith Johnston, via